SilverFi is a unique attitude towards recorded music without forgetting "accuracy" and "emotive ability" issues. Our cables are designed to create a genuine path that is "closer to music" and we also think of cables as critical components. We strive to re-create the true tone of music, in every sense, and in accordance with our own artistic vision.

What we are about is tone & timbre, continuity, wholeness and dynamics. Tone&timbre is the key element in music. SilverFi Cables display a harmonically complete tonal neutrality and accurate timbre that you have rarely experienced in other cables. The music will be coherent and demonstrate an unpredictable yet ceaseless flow with ease and spontaneity.

Any information lost at the source is lost forever. So try to preserve as much source detail as possible in the signal chain.We draw our own unique silver and silver-alloy wire.We use our own creation of silver-alloy and silver and both are hand drawn by our experienced technicians. Thus,it can be said that SilverFi is one of the rare cable manufacturers that produce its own metal and alloy, draw its conductors used in its original designs.

Wrong or inappropriate selection of cable is fatal. It will instantly destroy your music and joy of listening. SilverFi is unique in its design, producing our own and various types of silver-alloy conductors and offer a different understanding to cable design, technique, re-production and sound balance.

What SilverFi Cables offer is a sense of wholeness, effortlessness and an even further increased transparency and continuousness. An exceptionally well defined and controlled bass which particularly creates better and more precise transients, midrange reminiscent of high quality triodes and treble pure and lifelike reminiscent of Anatolia's spring waters beyond compare.The music flows in an effortless and natural sonic riverbed that sets the SilverFi products above lesser cables.

Listening fatigue is non-existent with SilverFi Cables. The sound may touch to your soul. How can this be possible ? It's what we call "natural resolution". The fashionable "hi-fi" resolution relies on unnatural treble and sometimes upper midrange emphasis. This type of "hyped" resolution is fatiguing and thereby unnatural. The "correct" balance should portray a sound which is musical, sweet and pleasing especially in the long term.

The fundamental characteristic we must mention about the SilverFi cables concerns what it does not do. It does NOT sound bright, confused, congested, grainy, harsh, shrill, hard, textureless, edgy, strident, icy, offensive, subtractive, additive, peaky, sucked-out, uneven, rolled-off, exaggerated, syrupy, colored, whitish, dark, aggressive, glassy, warm, slow, analytical, ruthless, surgical, glary, veiled, soft, flat, or any number of other things often described. It always and simply sounds like music. SilverFi could make your life more musical.

We have a unique drawing and casting technology. We manufacture our own specially cast silver and silver-alloy. All SilverFi cables have air gapped, discrete strand topology. All cables are fully hand made in-house. They simply can not be made in a bulk form. So, there is no cable bulk to cut from. Every model/order is prepared/manufactured one-by-one. All our products are bench tested and sonicaly evaluated to assure uncompromised performance and quality.


The break-in is very important. You can listen to our cables comfortably after 100 hours of break-in. The cables continue to mature towards perfection after 300+ hours reaching to 500 hours.You may expect more maturing of our cables in the long run as is the case with fine wines. So be patient...

Long periods of inactivity may require a new break-in time (50-75 hours at least).

Our cables are not shielded. We feel that fully shielded systems sound less-dynamic, closed, lifeless, blurred, vague and fuzzy. A simple braiding architecture fulfills the function. But, careful attention should be paid to cable routing. Try to be away from power and output transformers and power cables. Implement the aforementioned rule carefully especially if you have more than 1 meter length SilverFi interconnects.

While trying to decide which interconnect and/or speaker cable to choose with differing prices, it can be said that the texture of the music gets enriched, tone, dimensionality, space and dynamics are improved; transparency and immediacy attains a more clear and crystalline character in parallel with the rising price.

We should always bear in mind that sound quality of a cable in the context of metals/metal alloys/materials used is only dependent to a design topology. Use of any ingredient is only meaningful with a decent design approach. Better parts or expensive inputs can not make a bad design work. So beware of the marketing hype and seek for the better cable to get closer to the essence of music.

Technical Info

In SilverFi we incorporate a common design philosophy: maximize the use of air for insulation and minimize the use of other insulation materials and use the best sounding dielectrics.

Why is air better? Because it doesn't store energy and then release it out of time with the music the way other dielectrics do. In other words, they don't smear or congest the sound.

Each silver-alloy strand is housed in wider compartments so that each is loosely coupled to the dielectric and are mostly surrounded by air. We try to abstain from using more dielectric or heat/compression techniques during annealing-drawing-tubing, which negatively effects the harmonic coherence and micro-macro dynamics.

This combination of features assures that our interconnects and cables achieve the same high standards of harmonic coherence, transparency and micro-macro dynamics.

SilverFi's unique silver-alloy conductors are each insulated in an air-spaced topology. A hand made technique which is called "cool tubing" helps each silver strand retain their intrinsic quality during the sleeving process. Almost all other manufacturers use excessive heat and chemicals during the production process of the metal strands which causes poorer conductivity.

SilverFi's discrete air gapped silver-alloy conductors are not exposed to any heat, chemical process or pressure after being annealed. Heat and pressure changes the conductors' properties and affects the ultimate performance of the cable.

Important Notes For SilverFi users

All SilverFi interconnects are directional. For all interconnects (except Rumi and Isfahan interconnects) please plug "red shrink" side for input (origin/source) and "blue" end to output. This has utmost importance.

Since all SilverFi interconnects and speaker cables are sealed to prevent any damage, please do not attempt to open the RCA (especially the Eichmann plugs)or XLR plugs or walnut speaker cable terminations out of curiosity. They would be damaged and the warranty becomes null.

Please always handle them with care and hold them by the plugs. Pay utmost attention to plugging and especially un-plugging. Do not bend or screw them while plugging or plugging. Please also pay attention to layout in concert to other equipment and cabling.. Refrain from crossing power cables and transformers to avoid any hum or noise. Interconnects are directional. The red shrink sides should be on the "orientation" (e.g. cd player output) and the or yellow/green colored sides on the "destination" equipment (e.g. pre amp input).

Although the physical handling of SilverFi speaker cables is softer than others brands' speaker cables, they should NOT be curled, twisted, pushed or pulled. They should always be carried by the walnut plugs. Every leg is discrete and they are advised to be kept 5-8 cm. away from each other (wider is better) and should better not cross each other. Our speaker cables are not directional, but it is better always to use them in the same direction for better conductivity and better break-in.

Solid silver speaker cable wires should not be pushed in or pulled out from the walnut plugs. Any deviation or tilt occurred during the use could be fixed by fingers gently. Solid silver ends could be bent 90 degrees or more with the help of a round pencil (refrain from perpendicular bents) while connecting to an amp or speaker post. It can be later straightened with hand if needed.
Happy listening.