You can pay your order via paypal , funds transfer to our bank account (TT) or International Money Transfer

via Western Union.

* Price of the product does not include shipping costs.

* We are not responsible for import taxes and duties that might be imposed by customs office in

your country.

* If you have any questions concerning Silverfi products, pricing, shipping, wait time and

payment&transfers please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or

[email protected]

To place an order please send us a mail.
We do not accept cheque. You can transfer funds via T/T, Western Union or Money Gram. Paypal payment is also possible. Please add 4% Paypal fee to your cost. Please call for the payment details. Your order would be programmed only after your transfer received by SilverFi.

Postage fee will be charged according to order quantity and shipping weight. Please check our normal post office and courier fees according to country/weight parameters. Shipments could be sent either as standard post office air-mail small package or by a special Courier Service (like UPS, DHL, Aramex or FedEx).

Lead Time

The normal lead time after receiving an order is 3-5 office days for interconnects and 8-10 office days for speaker cables depending on the backlog. There is always a waiting list. So check before ordering for the exact dispatch day of your order.You will be informed after you would place your order of the shipment dispatch/tracking number details.


All sales are final unless agreed by us, in writing, before purchase. At our discretion, we may allow some items to be changed or returned. If we do authorize a return of an item, 18% restocking fee (excluding the shipping charges,customs duties (if any) and all transfer costs will be deducted from your refund. Restocking fee for non-standard interconnects and speaker cable lengths, versions and XLR-RCA or XLR-XLR cables is 50% excluding the purchaser`s shipping and transfer costs. Shipping charges are not refundable.

SilverFi interconnects and speaker cables are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years for the original purchaser from the delivery date of cables. If a failure is found in the product, the customer must first notify SilverFi by e-mail immediately. The customer will be responsible for shipping the product back to SilverFi. After evaluation of the returned product, if SilverFi determines that misuse, alteration or abuse did not cause the failure, the customer will receive a working cable (which may be the repaired unit). If misuse, alteration or abuse is indicated, the customer will have the option of a repair fee (including the transport cost) determined by SilverFi Cable depending on the extent of the damage.