"With plenty of bona fide Sufi saints in Turkey, Sezai Saktanber is a Pîr or Sheikh of a different sort. He's a master realsizer if I've ever met one." Srajan Ebaen, 6moons.

SilverFi Cable is the first `6moons` 'Realsization Award' Winner:

"Spatially huge, tonally reminiscent of that presence factor we admire with the best direct-heated low-power triodes; rhythmically vigorous with no loss of apparent speed or precision yet texturally smooth; super bass definition and impact without additive girth; and long-term listening ability without fatigue - these are the calling cards of the SilverFi interconnects, with the spatial expander action already in full evidence with the least expensive model but tone/body increasing as you climb up the ladder."
Srajan Ebaen

"Another key characteristic of the SilverFi wire loom was the lovely sense of space and openness. Some cable combinations can seem to confine music in a box to sound slightly claustrophobic. Not here. These Turkish cables excelled with soundstage dimensionally both in depth and width. Images were also remarkably full, developed and firmly anchored in this open sonic landscape. On large scale-orchestral works, I could peel back the layers and clearly hear the various sections of the orchestra.

Instrumental and vocal tone color was exemplary.Textures were real and lifelike. These characteristics were clearly audible from Sezai's cheapest interconnect and moving up through the line, brought not only greater tonal refinement and detail but also revealed more of the inner beauty of music - a little more of the musicians' intent and a little more musical truth. Plus there's that feel I mentioned earlier where I can just forget the hardware and simply groove to the music...

...In conclusion, SilverFi cables were exceptional conduits to musical goodness. These are grain-free, transparent, open and dynamic yet tonally full-bodied cables that music lovers should enjoy... In terms of price and performance, these are among the more satisfying cables I've tried. Warmly recommended."
Paul Candy,

''I can strongly recommend all of the SilverFi interconnects and speaker cables... Another rare high value, high performance product that I am to recommend with confidence.''
Jules Coleman , Enjoythemusic/Superior Audio

"At last, the Sufis have stopped growing/changing, so that now I finally believe that I know what they sound like -- which is very good indeed. The purity of transient sounds beats any other speaker cable I've tried, at any price. In conjunction with either pair of your interconnects, the technical effect is to solidify the image more than I thought possible, and the musical effect is to make most orchestral instruments more real than I've heard outside of a concert hall." Skip O., Reston-Virginia/USA.

User Feedback

“earlmarc” Marcus M.'s feedback on Audio Circle:
"These cables are so transparent that they have no window to clean. They are very energetic with exciting dynamics and punch and capture every nuance of music with startling realism. I can't stop listening to them. Totally unbelievable!!!"

"earlmarc"/Marcus's impressions Spirit and Sorcerer interconnects:

"I feel now that the Black Series Spirit and Sorcerer are about broke-in. The Black Series IC's are a step up from the Purple Series. They offer outstanding resolution and transparency. They flow naturally with better balance and coherency. Images are better defined in the spatial soundstage. Dynamic transients are quicker, bass has better definition and punch. The kaleidocope of musical colors illuminate the backstage while the midrange stands front stage expressing its majestic tone and natural texture. Steve Sammit was by my place yesterday and commented, "That's it!" I agreed with Steve. My system certainly took another step toward "the real". I am at a loss for superlatives. I've run out of words about my fondness of Sezai's creations. Sezai is currently cooking-up Mark II versions of the Black Series."

"earlmarc" from audiocircle.com wrote:
"These cables make a difference by not making a difference. Its like no cables at all. They are virtually invisible. Music flows like a natural, crystal clear stream that brings forth MUSIC in its purest form. No additives. No deletions. Revealing, textured, dimensional, spacious, far reaching, dynamic, exquisite tone, airy, dense, neutral, and you name it, these cables do whatever the music ask faithfully. Absolutely, a must addition!!! I feel like I won the lotto by purchasing $300 tickets."

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Earlmarc from USA. wrote:
"The SAS Audio Labs and SilverFi IC's are both over achievers and will embarrass cables 3-4 times their cost. Giant Killers without a doubt! Both cables are foremost musically additive. What makes them both so special are their ability to connect with the music by displaying a wide, dimensional, and realistic soundstage. Neither has an advantage in these special abilities. The SilverFi IC's are more neutral with tight transparent macro and micro dynamics. The SAS IC's are a tad to the right of neutral with smooth and warm macro and micro dynamics. Neither suffers at all with dynamics. The areas that I really enjoy about both of these cables are lateral plane extension, spacial placement of backstage, and a frontstage that isn't forward but rather an opening into the stage.

The details on the far ends of the stage often get left out on many cables I have tried, but not with these two cables. You hear details you weren't aware of. The width of stage are exceptional on both of these cables."

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Karl Z. from Pennsylvania-USA.

"After 100 hours of break-in..."
"I am truly thrilled with your silver interconnects. I have the Phrygian going from the CD to the Bottlehead FP111 pre-amp, and the Shaman going from the pre-amp to the Ideal Innovations tube amp. After only 100 hours of break-in I'm hearing so much more into the music; more notes and instrument textures. My music is so much more enjoyable. Just like it says on your web site, "Closer to Music"; that really describes it quite well. What a wonderful line of products you offer. Once my CD player and speakers are upgraded, I think your speaker cables will be next in line.

Thank you so much for your warm and personable service. You make this hobby/passion so much more enjoyable. I will always think of you as the force behind the smile that crosses my face when I hear yet another subtlety in my music."

Karl Z. from Pennsylvania-USA.

Phrygian Interconnects: First Impressions
"Dear Sezai,
Even though I am not yet half-way through the recommended 250-300 hours of burn-in, I believe I can already comment on the Phrygian interconnects.

For my early burn-in process, the Phrygian interconnects displaced a pair of ....... During the first hours after I hooked them onto my Revox tuner, I immediately noticed a clear improvement in the bass area, more substance and definition in the midrange but also some sibilance with the highs, which disappeared after only a few hours of listening however. And listen I did! I didn't know FM radio could be such a superb hi-fi source. I also realized how capable my Revox tuner was. During the next few days, the bass kept improving. Most importantly, midrange also developed quickly, with a superbly detailed soundstage, which I can not only describe as being infinitly more "natural", but also dramatically more involving. The highs are also crystal-clear, with some occasional harshness still audible, but I still have a few 100's hours of burn-in to complete. And my old Linn speakers will probably soon make room for something better... I can only anticipate what's in store! These cables are so good they will most probably outlive all the equipment I currently own.

All in all, your cables are clearly very superior to the ..... I was using, and I like them so much already that I am going to order a second pair. Have a nice day"

G. C. - Montreal

More Feedback...

"My early impression of Magician/Andalusian IC's and Dervish SC. Awe, what transparancy! We use words like quiet background and silent blackness to elude to descriptors to hear further into the music without distractions. The SilverFi cables portray a complete absence of noise period! At night there is quietness, distractions are limited and you are able to hear subtlies better. The SilverFi combination is a calmness of clarity, insight, and focus obilvious to distracting noises. Add to that a near perfect, natural tonal balance that has the air lift of the finest tube amplifier, and you can start to sense its signature. Width and depth of stage is exceptional with pinpoint accuracy of performers on stage. There is no exaggeration of speed. The flow is natural and if I can fault these cables at all at this point in their break-in, I would have to say that they maybe too polite. These are early impressions with about 200 hrs of break-in.
Stay-tuned for more."

"The Mark II version of the Elixir and Phrygian IC's are a refreshing lift over the Standard Version. I am partial to Winter over Summer. I equate the Mark II to winter. Its like a snow laden and sunlit day. The clarity of view and refreshing cool air invigorates as the warm touch of sun balances a beautiful day. Neutral, lively, and pleasant. The Standard version has a warmer sense of transparency. On a warm summer day you experience the same sense of clarity as in winter, but those warm days often lack a transparent air. In summer heat waves distort a complete view. The Standard version is well lighted like standard headlights that have a slight yellowish tinge, whereas the Mark II version is a better lighted Halogen headlight with a white color. In the dark, the Halogen lights allow you to see further into what's in front of you. Sometimes cables that venture on the cool side become sterile and clinical and lack air, as if frozen. Images become sharp outlines of ice and lack the natural flow of liquid. The Silverfi Mark II versions avoid this pitfall by providing just enough sunlight to balance that beautiful winter day. The presentation is very transparent with a neutral flow. As a result, mid and lower bass is better articulated on the Mark II version. Detail, transparency, extension of highs are raised with the Mark II. These cables also have a quieter background. The Standard presents a slightly warmer presentation closer to neutral, but not as dead on neutral as the Mark II. I can't wait to hear the Mark II Magician and Andalusian IC's. The Standard version of the M & A have a more lively and natural pace over the Standard Elixir and Phrygian ICs.

My congrats Sezai! You amaze me!

Bill Baker(of Response Audio)
I am only going to say, at this point, that I am very impressed with these cables and found that with the right combination, which depends heavily on the system, a true and honest presentation can be realized.
I now have one system pinpointed where I feel I am getting the most potential in regard to dynamic speed, transparency, resolution and inner detail. The two important aspects I look for in a system are emotional impact and realism. So far, I feel Sezai's cables can provide just that."

"Earlmarc"'s impressions on Magician Mark II interconnect
" I have recently received the Magician Mark II IC's. I was really enjoying the Elixir Mark II ICs between my SAS 10A preamplifier and TRL Sony DVP-900v CD player. I really had high expectations from the Magician Mark II and was eager to replace the Elixir Mark II with the Magician Mark II. I have nearly 100Hrs of break-in on the Magician Mark IIs. Its no secret that I have praised Sezai's creations from the first time I heard his Standard ICs and speakers cables. I feel that are very special cables that offer a greater sense of realness than any cables I have ever heard and I have heard a good number of high quality cables. And considering the asking price of SilverFi's ICs, I think they have no equal and they compete with cables three times or more their asking price. Enough said.

Onto the Magician:

The Magician is my favorite IC from SilverFi and the Mark II version surprised me. I have gotten use to being surprised by Sezai and thought this time around I'd be prepared for a little better performance over the Elixir Mark II. How does he do it? The Magician Mark II is a revelation! The best IC I've heard to date. Compared to the excellent Elixir Mark II, the Magician has greater presence (a closeness nearing touching) and an openness and transparency that's spooky (as if the performance entered your room). Your ears sense the presence and your eyes are searching for the invisible intruders. The tonality is naturally rich with superb body and texture. Descriptors can't be dissected from the whole musical experience. I just want to listen and enjoy the moment. These cables are just right. They reveal all that you didn't think your components were capable of. A significant upgrade indeed. Call it Magic! An unbelievable experience that no words do justice. You have to experience it for yourself to appreciate the feeling. The Magician Mark II is a must audition. You'll understand only when you experience them."

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Skip Osborne from Reston - USA.

His system:Opera Droplet as CD transport,
Feeding a Monarchy Audio M24 DAC and linestage,
Nuforce Ref 8. power amp
Speakers: Gallo Reference 3, on Brightstar stands.
The room is 17 feet x 14 feet x 8 feet, and well-damped.

"... It may get better but it's terrific now. The major thing I like most about it is the sense that even percussion, even sound effects, have a musical pitch -- and thus, the music is helped, "semantically". The big, deep stage is wonderful, but that's something I had most of already --- that was the motivator that drove me to the Aural Thrills Active interconnect in the first place -- but the SilverFi cable has that too, is much richer while also sweeter and more realistic in the highs; but this "everything has a tone" effect is new to me, and is absolute catnip! Besides which, Mahler symphonies (#1, 4, 5 - Bernstein/DG) are handled gloriously well in those crescendos, which was my acid test: sooo clear! I'm enjoying my CD collection all over again, and more than ever, and the cable isn't even fully cooked yet . The effect at this point is to make me want more. I suspect I'm going to want the Andalusian cable, even though I haven't heard it yet, based on the idea that this "tonality" (am I using the term wrong?) is the major difference between the levels of the Purple series... Am I wrong? Certainly, "more revealing" is welcome too - see Mahler crescendos, above....

Also, certainly, I now want the speaker cable that mates with my new system. Should I assume that the Sufi, which you mentioned before, goes with the Magician and the Hattusha goes with the Andalusian, or is there another consideration I should be aware of? Please put me on the order list, for 3-meter lengths. Will there be another double audition, or can we know the "right" speaker cable now, or in response to the current interconnect auditioning? At this point, I think I know what I want, but obviously your judgement in cables is superb, and should be taken!

I really ought to register with Audio Circle, so I can write glowing testimonials for your products."

More from... Skip Osborne./Reston-USA.
"The Magician's bass is now blooming and thrilling through the Gallos, and I perceive both the quantity of bass and definition of bass as better than I'm used to... no mean feat, since the interconnect before the just-replaced one was Transparent Ultra MM, which is commonly thought of as having notable bass reproduction. That was before I put in the Monarchy M24 DAC, which may make some of that difference, but the Droplet's analog output was not bass-shy either....

If the Andalusian winds up putting out what I perceive as more "bloom" than Magician, I won't be bothered. What's already obvious is that, depending to some extent on the music, a little extent on my (USA big-city East Coast) power supply, and to a larger extent on my mood, there is no single Right Answer about the best bass. My only constant is - or was - the clarity of orchestral crescendos in large symphonies and operas. In that score, the Magician, burnt-in (?), is by far the best I've yet heard in my system... I can hardly wait to see how the Andalusian does in this aspect of music.

Thank you for making me listen more,

For more

"Dear Sezai,

I think the Andalusian has settled down enough to give some meaningful feedback. In fact, the first thing to note is that Andalusian seems to "cook" slower than Magician. Is that because of its couple of extra strands? In any event, it's ready to talk about, and it sounds beautiful.

Apparently that effect I noticed with Magician, wherein all sounds, including percussion strikes, seem to have a pitch or a musical key, is even a little stronger with Andalusian. I now believe that this is what the 6moons review calls "body", because my perception says this is what a "real one of those things" sounds like, and real ones in the concert hall do indeed have a musical quality, a "pitch", instead of just a snapping or banging sound. It took me a while to figure this out, because I always accepted the loss of various live listening qualities as a necessary aspect of hi-fi listening at home.... But now, for that quality at least, I guess not 8-).

In fact, what I started off thinking of as a "SilverFi house sound" is obviously just the fact that both Magician and Andalusian are objectively the best cables, by a significant margin, that I've ever had. I can say "objective" because if you look at almost any common adjective about recorded sound, "definition", "transparency", "tone", "PRaT", etc., these two cables exceed what I've heard in my system before... which has included some well-though-of cables, such as Transparent Ultra, Aural Thrills Active, MIT Shotgun, etc. So I think anybody who tries to describe your cables in hi-fi terms will actually wind up saying what he likes most about Music, with descriptions in his individual order of concerns about musical qualities! For me, that's "Clear clean crescendos where I can hear the whole orchestra instead of a thick smear, realistic dynamic range getting the diminuendos as well, melodic and rhythmic driving quality grabbing my emotions".... But these are the things that get my attention in Music, not hi-fi systems! Way to go, Sezai!

Now as to the difference between the Magician and Andalusian: I like both subjectively almost equally well, because the differences I hear between them are sonic rather than musical. For instance, I hear about the same thing you said with respect to tighter bass from Magician, and I also prefer that (I developed my hi-fi taste some years ago with the bass from Magneplanars and Quad 63's.... so give me bass without boxes!)... but with some music, and some of my moods, I'd like the more mellow impression that Andalusian leaves... massed strings sound slightly richer without losing any clarity at all. However, you were concerned that the Andalusian Mk. II might be "too revealing"... but, in my system, that translates to slightly clearer crescendos, which, with my taste for symphonies and operas, is purely a Good Thing. So, at this stage in their development, the Andalusian is, slightly, my first choice....probably...usually...maybe.... But the point is, it's no big deal. I love 'em both. -:) S.O."

Skip Osborne- USA

"Dear Sezai,

The Sufi has cooked enough to discuss, and she's beautiful. The cable seems to be a great playmate for the interconnects, because she seems to complement them, rather than add new aspects to the sound. I think she opens a door for lower bass than my already-good Aural Thrills Active and Transparent Ultras did, and definitely more defined bass. Oddly, for a cable with "Dark" in its name, more high treble seems to come through also. Depth of imaging is, if possible, slightly better than the already-excellent Aural Thrills, which was why I had moved to that one from the Transparent in the first place.

The whole system just sounds an increment more real... and a couple of increments more musical, which was my main wish.

In the way of hard-to-describe aspects: several instruments sound distinctly more realistic, notably cellos, harps, and cymbals, which makes a real musical difference, not just a sonic one. Sufi's fondness for these instruments -- especially the cello -- improves a lot of the chamber music I listen to, as well as the big, cymbal-crashing crescendos in operas and symphonies... but, what is it that these instruments have in common...? I'm complementing some aspect of Sufi's performance, but darned if I know what it is! As to whether the Andalusian Mark II or the Magician Mk I fits better with the Sufi: because of business trips and other work obligations, I haven't had time to do sufficient critical listening since the Sufi has matured, assuming it's pretty much done changing with cooking. The Magician is the one that needs another long listening-to before I decide. However, one thing is obvious: both interconnects are the best I've heard, differences and all, and I'm keeping both of them….

A couple of questions: can you more or less objectively tell me what 'Dark' means in the context of Sufi? There is richness, but no diminution of treble that I hear, which is what the word implies; and in fact, the far treble seems a little more open than that of the rather bright Aural Thrills, although Sufi definitely isn't bright... it's really quite a sunny listening experience, as well as a richer one.


His system:Opera Droplet as CD transport,

Feeding a Monarchy Audio M24 DAC and linestage,
Nuforce Ref 8. power amp
Speakers: Gallo Reference 3, on Brightstar stands.
Cables: Magician Mark I and Phrygian Mark II interconnects
Sufi speaker cable (3.0 meters pair)

"Dear Sezai,
Q- Any significant change during the break-in?

Yes, in fact. The Sufi seems more complete somehow. Hard to explain just what that means, but the result is that now, on my best CDs, I tend to slightly prefer the Magician Mk. I over the Andalusian Mk. II; but it's still true that both are the "right" interconnect for different recordings. If a CD sounds a little thin, as, in fact, most older CDs do, the Andalusian is just right, with its little bit of extra flesh.

Q- Have you had time to make a detailed comparison of Magician and Phrygian?

Yes, but any differences in my opinion are mainly a function of having the Sufi SC. Andalusian Mark II IC definitely sounds richer, while losing nothing to the Magician Mark I in terms of being "revealing". If I hadn't bought the Sufi SC, Andalusian would always be my preferred IC, because the Aural Thrills Active is a speaker cable with wonderful soundstaging and imaging, but less ...what? Body? Tone? Anyway, less than the Sufi. The Sufi doesn't need any help along those lines. The richness doesn't conceal any details, but the Magician + Sufi, given great inputs, makes music sound very slightly more like a real symphony or opera or what have you. Where I hear this is still mainly around orchestral crescendos.

The bass is different; Magician might be tighter while Andalusian is fuller. "Right" depends on the recording. Or, maybe, the time of day and the Washington DC power grid.

Both Andalusian and Magician ICs have more in common with each other than with any other IC I've heard (which includes kilo$ examples, remember), and both sound better as well as just different, than all other ICs I've heard (Srajan Ebaen gets to compare them to Stealth Indras, and such... I can only be curious about how that comparison goes!). The difference between the two, as far as I'm concerned, is mainly a matter of balance; my system at this point seems to fit Magician if everything on the recording is just right, otherwise Andalusian would be preferred. If I remember correctly, that's exactly backwards from what you and I thought would happen, but that's hardly a problem! With much appreciation,

For more

Nature Boy

"I was extremely impressed with the sound quality of the SilverFi interconnects, which I assume utilize a silver conductor. My past experience with silver IC's have left me wanting - usually as a result of sibilant treble response and rolled off bass response. These cables sounded very relaxed, threw a huge soundstage, with great tonality. I preferred the Shaman IC's in my system. The Phyrgian just gave me too much of a good thing, especially in the bass department."

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