"I really enjoy PRAT, let's just say that some systems are more synergistic than others. These cables just provide that elusive toe tappin', musical and emotional feel that many seek to find. I have heard some very good rigs that just seem to miss the mark because of the lack of true harmony among the components, impedance mismatches or just plain issues with Solid State and Tube components or differences in sound. Let's just say I'm very happy with the cables and let others provide the romantic descriptions of the sound and subtle nuances that they have heard between X vs Y cable!

I will offer that the clarity of the New Phyrgian SE is just that, more clear. It produces better strikes of the notes,embellishes the tone and provides the decay. A much more complete picture has been painted and the Artist has switched to an even finer brush to touch upon the painting. There is a addictive sound that is produced and it makes you want more as it will reveal anything upstream or downstream in your component chain. This is not to the utterly thin, bass robbing,ultra clean bleached sound, but an effervescent, dynamic, emotional impact that we all want to recreate from your favorite live recording to the subtle bell, whistle, handclap that was in the studio recording. It helps the sound of the components really shine without any colorations or augmentation of any frequency.

The Shaman was more of a subtle affair. It produced the quality of evolution, things were just that much better. I would say that he simply tweaked the recipe and you hear more of the natural sounds with the new Switchcraft terminations. Makes me wonder what the Eichman Bullets will sound like as they are offered as an upgrade and are part of the more upscale line up from SilverFi. Please note that there are additional versions of the Shaman this is the base model.

I for one will be moving up the line to Sezai's more expensive creations as I can't stop thinking about what makes things sounds so good can only be better. Watch out these things are addictive!"