"The Sufi speaker cable has cooked enough to discuss, and she's beautiful. The cable seems to be a great playmate for the interconnects, because she seems to complement them, rather than add new aspects to the sound. I think she opens a door for lower bass than my already-good Aural Thrills Active and Transparent Ultras did, and definitely more defined bass. Oddly, for a cable with "Dark" in its name, more high treble seems to come through also. Depth of imaging is, if possible, slightly better than the already-excellent Aural Thrills, which was why I had moved to that one from the Transparent in the first place. The whole system just sounds an increment more real... and a couple of increments more musical, which was my main wish.

In the way of hard-to-describe aspects: several instruments sound distinctly more realistic, notably cellos, harps, and cymbals, which makes a real musical difference, not just a sonic one. Sufi's fondness for these instruments -- especially the cello -- improves a lot of the chamber music I listen to, as well as the big, cymbal-crashing crescendos in operas and symphonies... but, what is it that these instruments have in common...? I'm complementing some aspect of Sufi's performance, but darned if I know what it is! As to whether the Andalusian Mark II or the Magician Mk I fits better with the Sufi: because of business trips and other work obligations, I haven't had time to do sufficient critical listening since the Sufi has matured, assuming it's pretty much done changing with cooking. The Magician is the one that needs another long listening-to before I decide. However, one thing is obvious: both interconnects are the best I've heard, differences and all, and I'm keeping both of them…."

Skip O. (USA)

His system:

Opera Droplet as CD transport,
Feeding a Monarchy Audio M24 DAC and linestage,
Nuforce Ref 8. power amp
Speakers: Gallo Reference 3, on Brightstar stands.
Cables: Silverfi Magician and Andalusian interconnects
Silverfi Sufi speaker cable (3.0 meters pair)