"... It may get better but it's terrific now. The major thing I like most about it is the sense that even percussion, even sound effects, have a musical pitch -- and thus, the music is helped, "semantically". The big, deep stage is wonderful, but that's something I had most of already --- that was the motivator that drove me to the Aural Thrills Active interconnect in the first place -- but the SilverFi cable has that too, is much richer while also sweeter and more realistic in the highs; but this "everything has a tone" effect is new to me, and is absolute catnip! Besides which, Mahler symphonies (#1, 4, 5 - Bernstein/DG) are handled gloriously well in those crescendos, which was my acid test: sooo clear!

I'm enjoying my CD collection all over again, and more than ever, and the cable isn't even fully cooked yet . The effect at this point is to make me want more. I suspect I'm going to want the Andalusian cable, even though I haven't heard it yet, based on the idea that this "tonality" (am I using the term wrong?) is the major difference between the levels of the Black&Blue series... Am I wrong? Certainly, "more revealing" is welcome too - see Mahler crescendos, above....

"The Magician's bass is now blooming and thrilling through the Gallos, and I perceive both the quantity of bass and definition of bass as better than I'm used to... no mean feat, since the interconnect before the just-replaced one was Transparent Ultra MM, which is commonly thought of as having notable bass reproduction. That was before I put in the Monarchy M24 DAC, which may make some of that difference, but the Droplet's analog output was not bass-shy either....

If the Andalusian winds up putting out what I perceive as more "bloom" than Magician, I won't be bothered. What's already obvious is that, depending to some extent on the music, a little extent on my (USA big-city East Coast) power supply, and to a larger extent on my mood, there is no single Right Answer about the best bass. My only constant is - or was - the clarity of orchestral crescendos in large symphonies and operas. In that score, the Magician, burnt-in (?), is by far the best I've yet heard in my system... I can hardly wait to see how the Andalusian does in this aspect of music.
Thank you for making me listen more..."


"Dear Sezai,
I think the Andalusian has settled down enough to give some meaningful feedback. In fact, the first thing to note is that Andalusian seems to "cook" slower than Magician. Is that because of its couple of extra strands? In any event, it's ready to talk about, and it sounds beautiful.
Apparently that effect I noticed with Magician, wherein all sounds, including percussion strikes, seem to have a pitch or a musical key, is even a little stronger with Andalusian. I now believe that this is what the 6moons review calls "body", because my perception says this is what a "real one of those things" sounds like, and real ones in the concert hall do indeed have a musical quality, a "pitch", instead of just a snapping or banging sound. It took me a while to figure this out, because I always accepted the loss of various live listening qualities as a necessary aspect of hi-fi listening at home.... But now, for that quality at least, I guess not :)).

In fact, what I started off thinking of as a "SilverFi house sound" is obviously just the fact that both Magician and Andalusian are objectively the best cables, by a significant margin, that I've ever had. I can say "objective" because if you look at almost any common adjective about recorded sound, "definition", "transparency", "tone", "PRaT", etc., these two cables exceed what I've heard in my system before... which has included some well-though-of cables, such as Transparent Ultra, Aural Thrills Active, MIT Shotgun, etc. So I think anybody who tries to describe your cables in hi-fi terms will actually wind up saying what he likes most about Music, with descriptions in his individual order of concerns about musical qualities! For me, that's "Clear clean crescendos where I can hear the whole orchestra instead of a thick smear, realistic dynamic range getting the diminuendos as well, melodic and rhythmic driving quality grabbing my emotions".... But these are the things that get my attention in Music, not hi-fi systems! Way to go, Sezai!

Now as to the difference between the Magician and Andalusian: I like both subjectively almost equally well, because the differences I hear between them are sonic rather than musical. For instance, I hear about the same thing you said with respect to tighter bass from Magician, and I also prefer that (I developed my hi-fi taste some years ago with the bass from Magneplanars and Quad 63's.... so give me bass without boxes!)... but with some music, and some of my moods, I'd like the more mellow impression that Andalusian leaves... massed strings sound slightly richer without losing any clarity at all. However, you were concerned that the Andalusian Mk. II might be "too revealing"... but, in my system, that translates to slightly clearer crescendos, which, with my taste for symphonies and operas, is purely a Good Thing. So, at this stage in their development, the Andalusian is, slightly, my first choice....probably...usually...maybe.... But the point is, it's no big deal. I love 'em both. -:) "

His system:

Opera Droplet as CD transport,
Feeding a Monarchy Audio M24 DAC and Linestage (preamp),

Power Amp: Nuforce Ref 8.

Speakers: Gallo Reference 3, on Brightstar stands.

Cables: Silverfi Magician and Andalusian interconnects
Silverfi Sufi speaker cable (3.0 meters pair)