"The Magician is my favorite IC from SilverFi and the Mark II version surprised me. I have gotten use to being surprised by Sezai and thought this time around I'd be prepared for a little better performance over the Elixir Mark II. How does he do it? The Magician Mark II is a revelation! The best IC I've heard to date. Compared to the excellent Elixir Mark II, the Magician has greater presence (a closeness nearing touching) and an openness and transparency that's spooky (as if the performance entered your room). Your ears sense the presence and your eyes are searching for the invisible intruders. The tonality is naturally rich with superb body and texture. Descriptors can't be dissected from the whole musical experience. I just want to listen and enjoy the moment. These cables are just right. They reveal all that you didn't think your components were capable of. A significant upgrade indeed. Call it Magic! An unbelievable experience that no words do justice. You have to experience it for yourself to appreciate the feeling. The Magician Mark II is a must audition. You'll understand only when you experience them."
M. Martin (USA)


"The Sufi (speaker cable) has cooked enough to discuss, and she's beautiful. The cable seems to be a great playmate for the interconnects, because she seems to complement them, rather than add new aspects to the sound. I think she opens a door for lower bass than my already-good Aural Thrills Active and Transparent Ultras did, and definitely more defined bass. Oddly, for a cable with "Dark" in its name, more high treble seems to come through also. Depth of imaging is, if possible, slightly better than the already-excellent Aural Thrills, which was why I had moved to that one from the Transparent in the first place.
The whole system just sounds an increment more real... and a couple of increments more musical, which was my main wish."
Skip O. (USA)

"I was extremely impressed with the sound quality of the SilverFi interconnects, which I assume utilize a silver conductor. My past experience with silver IC's have left me wanting - usually as a result of sibilant treble response and rolled off bass response. These cables sounded very relaxed, threw a huge soundstage, with great tonality. I preferred the Shaman IC's in my system. The Phyrgian just gave me too much of a good thing, especially in the bass department."
N. B. (USA)