"AudioCircle Exclusive! SilverFi Audition Tour USA!"

"My early impression of Magician/Andalusian IC's and Dervish SC. Awe, what transparancy! We use words like quiet background and silent blackness to elude to descriptors to hear further into the music without distractions. The SilverFi cables portray a complete absence of noise period! At night there is quietness, distractions are limited and you are able to hear subtlies better. The SilverFi combination is a calmness of clarity, insight, and focus obilvious to distracting noises. Add to that a near perfect, natural tonal balance that has the air lift of the finest tube amplifier, and you can start to sense its signature. Width and depth of stage is exceptional with pinpoint accuracy of performers on stage. There is no exaggeration of speed. The flow is natural and if I can fault these cables at all at this point in their break-in, I would have to say that they maybe too polite.

These are early impressions with about 200 hrs of break-in.

Stay-tuned for more." Marcus (earlmarc)"

"The Mark II version of the Elixir and Phrygian IC's are a refreshing lift over the Standard Version. I am partial to Winter over Summer. I equate the Mark II to winter. It's like a snow laiden and sunlit day. The clarity of view and refreshing cool air invigorates as the warm touch of sun balances a beautiful day. Neutral, lively, and pleasant. The Standard version has a warmer sense of transparency. On a warm summer day you experience the same sense of clarity as in winter, but those warm days often lack a transparent air. In summer heat waves distort a complete view. The Standard version is well lighted like standard headlights that have a slight yellowish tinge, whereas the Mark II version is a better lighted Halogen headlight with a white color. In the dark, the Halogen lights allow you to see further into what's in front of you. Sometimes cables that venture on the cool side become sterile and clinical and lack air, as if frozen. Images become sharp outlines of ice and lack the natural flow of liquid. The Silverfi Mark II versions avoid this pitfall by providing just enough sunlight to balance that beautiful winter day. The presentation is very transparent with a neutral flow. As a result, mid and lower bass is better articulated on the Mark II version. Detail, transparency, extension of highs are raised with the Mark II. These cables also have a queiter background. The Standard presents a slightly warmer presentation closer to neutral, but not as dead on neutral as the Mark II.
I can't wait to hear the Mark II Magician and Andalusian IC's. The Standard version of the M & A have a more lively and natural pace over the Standard Elixir and Phyrigian ICs.

My congrats Sezai! You amaze me!

By the way, the Standard Version of the Elixir, Shaman, and Phyrigian ICs have been shipped to Lonewolf for auditon.

Look forward to your comments, Chris.



"Ahh...some feedback. Nice cables !! 8)
What I have been doing is testing each pair...using it between a cdp and my amp. This way I can hear any difference's. I have the Elixir, the Shaman, and the Phrygian IC's (standard versions). I've used different music... rock...jazz...classical. As you switch between the three, you do hear a difference. Sounds get clearer, more detailed...good bass...lots of space. Right now , I prefer the Phrygian IC's.
Since I'll have the IC's another week, I'll match them up with more equipement, and compare them to other IC's I have on hand to see how they differ. A few name's VH Audio, Kimber, Zu, Ridge Street Audio.
So far....a nice product....light in weight....built very well....and from what I read (prices) - a good value, cost wise. :D
More in a few days....thanks again for running the audition tour here on AudioCircle.... :beer:

"A short update...these are interesting IC's. Each is really different. In a past post, I said I was leaning towards the Phrygian IC. More listening, and I now prefer the Shaman...reason....a little more detail, and the bass seems stronger and a little cleaner on my system. Still just cdp, amp, I can zero in on the sound, and not confuse the issue.
I have assembled other IC's to compare (5)...will do this over the weekend.....but I like what I hear. 8)

"I have recently received the Magician Mark II IC's. I was really enjoying the Elixir Mark II ICs between my SAS 10A preamplifier and TRL Sony DVP-900v CD player. I really had high expectations from the Magician Mark II and was eager to replace the Elixir Mark II with the Magician Mark II. I have nearly 100Hrs of break-in on the Magician Mark IIs. Its no secret that I have praised Sezai's creations from the first time I heard his Standard ICs and speakers cables. I feel that are very special cables that offer a greater sense of realness than any cables I have ever heard and I have heard a good number of high quality cables. And considering the asking price of SilverFi's ICs, I think they have no equal and they compete with cables three times or more their asking price. Enough said.

Onto the Magician:

The Magician is my favorite IC from SilverFi and the Mark II version surprised me. :o I have gotten use to being surprised by Sezai and thought this time around I'd be prepared for a little better performance over the Elixir Mark II. :scratch: How does he do it? The Magician Mark II is a revelation! The best IC I've heard to date. Compared to the excellent Elixir Mark II, the Magician has greater presence (a closeness nearing touching) and an openess and transparency that's spooky (as if the performance entered your room). Your ears sense the presence and your eyes are searching for the invisible intruders. The tonality is naturally rich with superb body and texture. Descriptors can't be dissected from the whole musical experience. I just want to listen and enjoy the moment. These cables are just right. They reveal all that you didn't think your components were capable of. A significant upgrade indeed. Call it Magic! An unbelievable experience that no words do justice. You have to experience it for yourself to appreciate the feeling. The Magician Mark II is a must audition. You'll understand only when you experience them."

"I have spent a few hours listening to the Black Series Spirit and Sorcerer IC's. The cables have just now started to open-up after about two days of burn-in. My early impressions compared to the MarkII Phyrigian/Magician are interesting. The Spirit/Sorcerer have a similar aural perspective to the MarkII P/M, however, they differ because they aren't as sweet initially, then you realize that their richness lay in a quiet composure that offers more detail with a better natural tone. The Black Series S/S remind me of a spring morning. The sunrise peaks over the horizon. The revealing sounds of a waking world greet you. You are refreshed by the morning dew and notice sights and sounds of life that go unnoticed in a normal day. These are early impression. I don't think the cables have broken in yet. " Marcus
"Once you move up to the Black Series Spirit and Sorcerer IC's, you can't go back to the Blue and Purple Series IC's from SilverFi. :drool: After further breakin, these cables are more resolving, musical and dynamic than the Mark II Purples series. They continue to improve after about 200hrs of breakin. I sent my Black Sand power cords back to John for the latest upgrades and have been using the stock cords on my amplifier and preamplifier. I thought for sure I'd miss my power cords alot. They added alot to the overall sound of my system when I was using the Magician and Phyrigian MarkII IC's. However, since using the Black Series Spirit and Sorcerer with stock cords, the musical experience is the best I've had. Resolution, dynamics, and bass performance has improved. This is not a reflection on the Black Sand Cables, they are awesome and I can't wait to get the upgraded power cords back. The Black Series with the Silv. Ref. MKV and Chromuim will surely be a treat. I have gained a sense of when Sezai's cords are broke-in and my senses tell me another 100hrs or so will give me alot more to talk about. I'll report my findings after more time with these cables." Marcus
"I've have been listening to the Elixir, Shaman, Phrygian interconnect cables in my system the last two weeks. In order to get the best sense of these cables, I took the my preamp out of the chain. So listening included my APL modified Pioneer DV-563A-s universal CD/SACD/DVD-A player, running into my DNA LA-100V - reference modified solid state ART SLA-1, and then to my Vandersteen 2CE signature speakers.

I was extremely impressed with the sound quality of the Silver Fi interconnects, which I assume utilize a silver conductor. My past experience with silver IC's have left me wanting - usually as a result of sibilant treble response and rolled off bass response. These cables sounded very relaxed, threw a huge soundstage, with great tonality. I preferred the Shaman IC's in my system. The Phyrgian just gave me too much of a good thing, especially in the bass department.

The Silver Fi cables sure have changed my impression of silver cables for the good. They were exceptionally detailed, extracting huge amounts of information from CD's and SACD's and sounded very musical in my system. They The Shaman and Phrygian cables did best my VH Audio Pulsars by a bit, close to a toss up with the Elixer. Interestingly, the Silver Fi's exposed a bit a veiling in the Pulsars, particularly of vocals, that hadn't been previously exposed by listening to other cables in my system.

Highly enjoyable. If you are considering some new cables, I encourage you to give these a listen. Construction is top notch, very flexible braided cables, with quality RCA terminations. The red velvet box they come in, is a nice touch.


"I feel now that the Black Series Spirit and Sorcerer are about broke-in. The Black Series IC's are a step up from the Purple Series. They offer outstanding resolution and transparency. They flow naturally with better balance and coherency. Images are better defined in the spatial soundstage. Dynamic transients are quicker, bass has better definition and punch. The kaleidocope of musical colors illuminate the backstage while the midrange stands front stage expressing its majestic tone and natural texture. Steve Sammit was by my place yesterday and commented, "That's it!" I agreed with Steve. My system certainly took another step toward "the real". I am at a loss for superlatives. I've run out of words about my fondness of Sezai's creations. Sezai is currently cooking-up MarkII versions of the Black Series. :drool:" M.M.
"Sezai and earlmarc/Marcus....
We used the Silverfi IC's and SC's during the Rave meeting yesterday....they performed well.
Then late nite ...with a few of us left, we compared IC's....the Silverfi came out on, detailed....worked out great !! Excellent cable's. 8)

"(the other interconnects for comparison) VH Audio....LAT....DH Lab's.....and another, forgot the name. All sounded - closed in - except the Silverfi. Gotta go....10AM appointment.George....check them out....nice stuff....good price.


First ....thank you Sezai Saktanber from SilverFi, and earlmarc/Marcus for the AC audition tour. It's nice to be able to sample the IC's in your home see how they match up.

I received the three IC's about two weeks ago. First impression....nicely built, light in weight. They are braided wire IC' here.......the first is 3 wire's, the second is 5 wires, and the third is 7 wires.
Here's a close up photo......from left to right...Elixir....Shaman....Phrygian IC's.
I began first trying to hear a difference between the three IC' see which I thought sounded the best to me. The easy way....cdp, amp, speakers. Only other cable were the speaker cables....Tara Labs. Of the three, I prefered the being the most neutral to my ears. The Elixir...was good, but short on details. The Phrygian...more bass and details...but a touch too much. So...the Shaman it was.
I did play around with different combo's of these IC's, adding in a preamp, and different other equipment....sounded good with whatever I used....but I was after just one IC...back to the Shaman.
Having decided on the SilverFi Shaman IC, I gathered a few other IC's that I's a photo of them.......left to right, Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silver Edition I, Zu Warmouth, and VH Audio Pulsar.
I also gathered about ten different Cd's to test with....rock, jazz, classical, Cd's we use at the Rave's.
Once again, back to the simple system....Phillips CD-80 player with volume on remote, Butler 2250 amp, Tara speaker cables out to a pair of Candence Audio Avita speaker's......simple meaning any changes in IC's, and you can hear it. 8)
Now...what was I looking for. I love detail's in the music....I WANT TO HEAR IT ALL. I want depth, and a clear soundstage. I want to hear dynamics's....and I want it clean....not fuzzy. :lol: I want clarity all across the a bullseye. OK...their not audiophile terms....but that's what I'm looking for. 8)
Music...lets take Dead Can Dance - Memento....track #2..."The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"
Zu Warmouth...good details, good bass, but highs stand out.
VH Audio Pulsar....smooth, but seems veiled, lower impact in bass.
RSA Midnight Silver....more bass, deeper, clean-clear details...more depth than Warmouth or Pulsar.
SilverFi Shaman....deep clear bass, less than RSA, very good details,more control of sound...difference between RSA and SilverFi...mainly amount of bass. But they were close.
In the music....deep bass to start, sitar, percussion and cymbals (in background), horn instrument, bongo's and vocals....alot to listen for.
I scored it...a tie...between RSA and SilverFi...similar sounding...but slightly more bass to RSA...but SilverFi was cleaner.
Deciding to drop the Warmouth and Pulsar, and another head to head with RSA and SilverFi.
The Music....Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind...tracks 5 and 9...."Gold To Me' and "Fight For Your Mind".
Listening for the details....chime in "Gold"....sleighbells in "Fight"...and the overall sound. This is a good CD....many good tracks....alot to listen for.
The RSA....once again good bass, able to hear deep and hear the details that I know are there. Clean...wide...dynamic...nice !!
The SilverFi....good bass, a tad cleaner - but focused, good soundstage, clean, dynamic.
Hmmm.....very similar....but to my ears the RSA did have a higher output of bass, but the SilverFi had a cleaner bass. Heard details...excellent with both IC's.
To tell you the truth....I'd be happy with either....both good IC's....just slightly different.
So....there is a difference...comes down to price. The RSA is at least twice the price of the SilverFi Shaman...and both are similar in sound, except the RSA did have more bass coming thru, but the SilverFi had good bass, which was a little clearer. Both excelled in detail, dynamics, soundstage....things I like.
Final word....I liked the SilverFi Shaman IC... :thumb:....good quality, good performance, good value $$$ wise. I'm happy I got to try them out. And....since its a tour running here on AudioCircle...I think you should give these three SilverFi IC's a try in your system....see what you hear...its not voodoo....just listen. 8)


Link to the SilverFi site.....for further reading.